Dimmability was once one of the biggest drawbacks of switching to an LED lamp. The good news is that KEYART's Vintage Filament LEDs are compatible with most LED dimmers in the market (Reverse Phase). What's an even better news is that we continue to improve on the compatibility with Incandescent dimmers (Forward Phase) as well. Now there's really no reason not to use one of our fantastic lamps that both looks like an incandescent and dims like one.

2200K Ultra Warm CCT

We took extra caution in coming up with the colour temperature that closely resembles that of an incandescent vintage lamp. When lit up, we find that a 2200K CCT renders light most similar to an incandescent lamp. This is far superior compared to the generic 2700K inherited from compact fluorescent lamps. However, as an option, 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and other CCT are available upon request.

CRI 95Ra

In addition to an extra warm colour temperature, we find it imperative to produce light that reveals the environment's true colour. Consequently, along with a 2200K CCT, lights from KEYART's Vintage LEDs are capable of producing light of 95Ra. This eliminates the colour distortion present in other LED products in the market.

Power Factor 0.90

We did not stop at producing aesthetically beautiful lamps. Extensive research was put into developing the most competent circuitry. As a result of this attention to detail, all of our lamps are of 0.90 power factor, making sure that power is put into doing real work instead of heat.


KEYART's Vintage LED lamps comply to the most stringent quality control and environmental standards. Our lamps are thoroughly test and recognised internationally.

Proprietary Design

We think that your lamps should be uniquely beautiful. Consequently, our lamps are awarded with their own proprietary design patents.